Friday, June 14, 2013

Dragon City Hack and Cheats

If you've arrived at this page it means that you like to play Dragon City, currently the most popular game on fb. Surely you have some difficulty in the game, missing gems and you do not want to spend the extra money on them. There is a great solution already used by many users fb but I do not tell you. It is of course the dragon city hack, simple, intuitive tool with which you get a huge advantage over other players. As you know extra gems, are expensive and you have to spend on them a fortune. With the dragon city hack you have them absolutely free. In addition to the gems you can also increase the value of the ford, and others. Only in our hacku you have the possibility to add new eggs in the game.

What's in the latest installment of dragon city hack?

  • Intuitive and clear interface
  • No fault with the connection
  • Application updates
  • The ability to add eggs
  • Limited number of values ​​such as gems or ford
  • The ability to download and update the latest proxies

User manual dargon city hack:

  • Download the archive and unpack it
  • Run the dragon city hack
  • Enter the address you use on fb
  • Select a web browser, you can also click autodetect if the system detects what browser you are using and choose it automatically
  • Go to betting proxy and download the latest proxy to exercise maximum anonymity.
  • Go to the main
  • Enable the use of proxy
  • Enter the values ​​that you want to increase such gems, ford
  • Click add
  • Wait a few minutes
  • Log in to the game